Xenadrine Results

Xenadrine Results is a relatively new Xenadrine product based on a whole new formula made up of a new key complex that supposedly promotes extreme weight loss. According to Xenadrine Results, it is made up of natural ingredients designed to burn fat, suppress appetite, and under the right circumstances change the way that your body functions.Xenadrine Results promises ideal approaches to healthy weight loss without unnecessary side effects.

What is the New Blend?

Xenadrine Results uses a blend of ingredients that seem odd. Why would you use ingredients like the seasoning cumin or for that matter olive oil to lose weight? Normally, you wouldn’t. However, things have changed and scientists now believe that it’s completely possible that you can lose weight with these ingredients.
Xenadrine Results
Of course, you have to have a very specific blend of 4 key ingredients to achieve this effect. The studies show that the combination of lady’s finger, olive oil, cumin, and mint is actually what is meant to promote weight loss. When combined, these ingredients do show significant differences in weight loss in a number of positive clinical studies, and according to information we have found so far, it seems that these ingredients only require small amounts.
Xenadrine Results combines this with a more traditional weight loss ingredient, caffeine anhydrous, as well as PABA, which can be pretty healthy. Under the right circumstances, we have seen quite a few human clinical trials that may add up.

Will You Lose Weight with Xenadrine Results?

Xenadrine Results uses ingredients that seem to make sense. It uses an up and coming blend that most would have never thought of, and that seems to be the magic of it. Science has proven things that we didn’t previously know about that can potentially help you.
Most of the ingredients in Xenadrine Results are actually stimulant free, and while Xenadrine Results does have caffeine, it is still less likely than a lot of similar products to cause side effects. Of course, if you are sensitive to caffeine, we would still be sure to exercise a little more caution.
What we do know is that yes, there are ingredients with a longer history, but most of those ingredients don’t have even one human clinical trial. Xenadrine Results’ key ingredient blend actually has quite a few of these positive human clinical trials.

Yerba Mate Power-Burn Diet

Yerba Mate Power-Burn Diet has an interesting focus. According to advertisements, Yerba Mate Power-Burn Diet brings you the power of yerba mate, matcha tea, and green tea in one with healthy superfruit antioxidant protection. power of yerba mate, matcha tea, and green tea in one with healthy superfruit antioxidant protection. It uses several different proprietary blends meant to cover weight loss and other healthy benefits in one, meaning that the transformative power goes way beyond what you can ideally see on the surface. It is meant to be more holistic than your average. It’s just a matter of whether or not Yerba Mate Power-Burn Diet actually comes through.

Thermogenic Tea Blend

Yerba Mate Power-Burn Diet specifically focuses on teas, assuming that all teas can promote weight loss. This isn’t necessarily true. There are teas, such as rooibos tea for example that are rich in antioxidants, but not in fat burning benefits. However, while Yerba Mate Power-Burn Diet does have some of these teas, it also has teas that have been clinically proven to promote healthy fat burning benefits such as green tea for example.

Energizing Adrenal Support Blend

This blend from the sound of it is not actually meant to promote weight loss, just to increase energy levels. However, we have found that the energizing blend does have something called Asian ginseng, which has been clinically proven to burn fat and promote a healthy feeling of wellbeing at the same time. In other words, even this blend has some weight loss potential.

Metabolic Thyroid Support Blend

Yerba Mate Power-Burn Diet uses a blend that is mostly made up of iodine rich ingredients, which supposedly help you to improve the natural function of the thyroid. The thyroid doesn’t necessarily have a huge impact on weight loss, but ingredients like guggul, which also happens to build lean muscle mass, do. As it turns out, kelp has also been clinically proven to increase fat burning without any stimulants.

Super Berry Antioxidant Blend

This is one blend of ingredients that we can say for sure is not meant to promote weight loss. Instead, it adds a little more diversity to make sure that you can see health benefits as well. Yerba Mate Power-Burn Diet uses ingredients like acai and maqui powder, both of which are considered to be healthy antioxidants and superfruit that are also rich in plenty of essential vitamins. This part may make you feel and look better, and it’s vital, even though it does not directly promote weight loss.
Yerba Mate Power-Burn Diet

The Skinny

Yerba Mate Power-Burn Diet is a pretty reputable product. It seems to have a good base, and just about every blend, whether it sounds like a weight loss blend or not, has at least one clinically proven weight loss ingredient that can burn fat. Is it enough to blow you out of the water? Probably not, but it is enough to make a noticeable difference.